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A Show House as a Showpiece

The Fechtels help turn cutting edge Villa Serena into a visual holiday treat to raise funds for Hope Children's Home. (Read More)

Bellezze Naturali

Italian and Spanish influences create a unique country estate. (Read More)

A Family-Friendly Manor

The Renaissance House makes a marriage between technology and tradition, with lots of lavish delights for the kids. (Read More)

Charity Gets a Home

Developers want a 9,500-square-foot Mediterranean home in Turnbury Woods to be used as a place for charities to... (Read More)

Abe Brown Ministries

The Fechtel Company manages construction of a renovation project to provide a transitional living facility for former convicts. (Read More)



1998 Aurora Energy
1998 Grand Aurora Water-Wise
1999 Aurora Energy Efficiency
1999 Grand Aurora Energy Efficiency
1999 Grand Aurora Water-Wise
2000 Grand Aurora Energy Efficiency
2000 Grand Aurora Water-Wise
2000 BALA Gold Best One of a Kind
2001 Grand Aurora Energy Efficiency
2001 Grand Aurora Water-Wise
2002 Grand Aurora Energy Efficiency
2002 Grand Aurora Water-Wise
2003 Grand Aurora Energy Efficiency
2003 Grand Aurora Water-Wise
2003 Aurora Custom Home One of a Kind
2004 Grand Aurora Bath
2004 Aurora Energy Efficiency
2005 Aurora Energy Efficiency
2005 Aurora Water-Wise
2005 Aurora Kitchen
2006 Aurora Energy Efficiency
2009 Aurora Custom Home One of a Kind
2009 Aurora Kitchen
2009 Aurora Interior Merchandising
2010 Aurora Water-Wise
2010 Aurora Energy Efficiency