MISSION: To bring honor to God and have a life-changing impact on people by seeking to reflect the character of Jesus Christ and by striving to be the best building team we can be.  In particular, we will:

      • - Seek excellence in all we do
      • - Operate with integrity
      • - Develop meaningful relationships with others

Customer Delight:
Creating positive and memorable experiences

Constantly improving to accomplish unique solutions

Virtuously pursuing the best result

Living and being true to our values

Respecting and honoring people

Responsibly managing precious resources

Helping the poor, weak and needy people of the world


The Fechtel Company is uniquely positioned to give back to the Tampa Bay community, and takes many opportunities to do so. 20% of our company is owned by the National Christian Foundation, directly channeling a significant portion of our profits back into numerous non-profit organizations in the Tampa Bay Area and beyond. 

 We are also involved in several local ministries, including Abe Brown Ministries and Hope Children’s Home. At Abe Brown Ministries, our team has completed a transitional living facility for ex-offenders who are seeking to re-enter and become productive members of society. At Hope Children’s Home, our expertise in design and sustainable construction is enabling us to build the world’s first LEED-certified private orphanage in a small enclave, with plans for 5 more buildings in the future.

This community service ethos is encouraged by and is an active part of our company culture, as these are among our most important projects. It is also shared by individual team members, who not only assist in these projects as employees, but also take this ministry focus into their daily lives outside of work.


Sound environmental stewardship is deeply integrated into our design and building philosophies. All of our projects have many sustainable-green and health promoting elements integrated in them. Our projects have won numerous Aurora Awards for their low-consumption and high-efficiency designs.

The Fechtel Company is certified by the American Lung Association as a Health House building company and constructed the world’s first LEED-certified private orphanage for Hope Children’s Home in Tampa, Florida (this multi-unit project achieved the highest possible certification, LEED Platinum).  As green building-Building Science instructors and practitioners, we realize that sustainable values not only improve the comfort and health of our residents, they also deliver real savings while accomplishing conservation of precious natural resources.

Jay Fechtel is a LEED certified professional and has served as an invited member of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America team.  He has taught building science and high performance housing at the annual Southeastern Building Conference and has been involved in numerous sustainable-green projects.  Other team members’ experience and education related to high performance, sustainable design and construction is also extensive.