• Jay Fechtel

    Jay Fechtel


    Jay is the president and CEO of the Fechtel Company, and is the creative force behind all projects. With over 25 years of design and construction experience, he expertly guides clients through the entire building experience and consistently exhibits a dedication to the client’s needs and overall satisfaction. Jay leads the Fechtel Company team with energy, integrity and the goal to help each team member utilize their unique gifts to find fulfillment in their work. He enjoys working with the Fechtel team to bring projects from the “idea” phase to completion. Coupled with an extensive knowledge of building science, Jay’s commitment to excellence plays a major role in ensuring that every project operates smoothly and efficiently.

    Jay’s designs have received over twenty awards, including “Best in American Living” and southeast regional architectural design awards, and has also won numerous green building awards for energy efficient and water-conserving designs. He is an invited member of the U.S. Department of Energy Industrialized Housing Partnership’s “Build America Team” and has taught building science in industry venues which include the Southeast Building Conference. Jay is a licensed Class “A” general contractor in the State of Florida and is certified as a “Health House” specialist by the American Lung Association. He has been an owner-member of the C12 Group (since its inception in 1990) and the National Custom Builders Council (since its inception in 1996). Jay is a leader in his local church and a board member of several ministry organizations.

    Jay is married to his incredible wife, Terri, and has four children. He loves spending time with his family and traveling the world, a pastime which frequently causes him to happen upon adventure and the discovery of new ideas.

  • Tom Hublou

    Tom Hublou

    Project Manager

    Tom’s expertise with construction and client relations is well-known. He manages many of The Fechtel Company’s remodels, additions and warranty service projects, and has thirty years of experience in construction, carpentry and development.

    Tom earned a B.A. in Mathematics and is married with three children.

    Fun fact: Tom's famous red truck has a reputation for never breaking down!

  • Dave Wolcott

    Dave Wolcott

    Senior Project Manager

    When he is not on the court coaching one of his volleyball teams, Dave can be found managing some of The Fechtel Company’s most demanding projects. He performs quality control by regularly reviewing work and completing quality checklists, maintains an efficient schedule in coordination with the procurement and operations managers, manages client-trade contractor-architect relationships and oversees construction decisions and revisions. Dave earned a B.S. in Building Construction/Management from John Brown University and is a certified general contractor in the state of Florida.

    He is married and has three children, and enjoys being a husband and father, coaching volleyball and participating in water sports.


When talented people are engaged in work they are passionate about, extraordinary things are possible. These extraordinary accomplishments become a reality with the completion of each Fechtel Company masterpiece.

Our foundation is built upon the time-tested values of excellence, integrity and relationships. The Fechtel Company team places high value on every person involved in the building process: our clients, fellow team members, craftsmen and other individuals engaged in making the project a success. Years of experience and the application of quality processes further solidify our foundation.

With an unshakeable commitment to our values, our team of professionals turn dreams into reality. Our designs reflect originality, diversity and are highly personalized to meet each client’s unique needs and make a beautiful statement in the design community. Our craftsmen are skilled, experienced and are invested in their work, ensuring an excellent completion of both structure and finish. Attention to detail is our hallmark and we carefully oversee the crafting of each phase: from plans and "sticks and bricks” to sustainable systems, materials and the much-awaited finished project.

These quality components unite within the geneses of each project, resulting in outstanding products of beauty and lasting value that add to the stellar reputation The Fechtel Company carries within the Tampa Bay market.